Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department was introduced in the year 2008. After that, this department has witnessed a rapid growth. The department has well established laboratory with latest equipments for students to learn and research. This department has been actively involved in research in all the fields of electrical and electronics engineering. The students are encouraged to learn through practicals and model designing. This department has a separate computer section.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a highly sought after branch of Engineering today by both parents and students. The age is rightly called the Electronic Era as every facet of our life is facilitated and controlled by Electronics in one form or other. The School offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses in seven of our campuses provides state-of-the-art faculty and infrastructure. The students of the School are well placed in public sectors and Government institutions.


• To maintain a collegial, supportive and distinct environment that encourages our students and faculty to achieve to the best of their abilities.
• To provide quality education in the domain of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
• To enhance the skills towards the practical approach.
• To impart better skill to meet the challenges of the technical world.
• To inculcate research orientation both in students and staff.


• To impart knowledge in electrical engineering to meet the international standards and make the electrical engineering ethically and emotionally strong enough to meet the technological challenges for the well being of this country in the coming years.

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