Principal’s Desk

Established in 1980, Motihari College of Engineering is one among the Engineering colleges in Bihar. MCE has major aim to create advanced, professionally competent and technology oriented future engineers who would be able to face the challenges of cutting edge technology and thereby a prosperous and sustainable global society. At MCE, we try to nurture the young minds, help them to enrich their knowledge and provide wings to their aspirations, train them for real life experiences, prepare them to face challenges in life, and encourage them to expose their hidden talents with a view to making them competent and confident to suit any work environment.We are totally devoted to groom theeducational quality of our students .We are trying our best to provide facilities as per AICTE norms and condition. The faculty members are experts at integrating knowledge with competitive insights and practical applications, and they also help students in personality development through Soft Skills, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills. Their experience is drawn from superior academic backgrounds and their industry experience with a wide variety of organizations.

Since my joining as a principal of this college, I took pain-staking efforts towards restructuring, stuffing, updating, motivating, applying novel ideas and utilizing the best skills. For me, recognition of intelligence, conception of acumen, formation of knowledge can happen only when the technical education involves professional administrator, committed faculties and motivated students. I had and will try my best to enhance research work in this institution. I am delighted that a set of Programme like TEQIP-III, KYP and PMKVY has been implemented for the development of MCE, Motihari. TEQIP-III will hopefully lead the college to center of excellence and will be proved by the count of placements, achievements and awards.Student centric teaching-learning is the key factor at our place. We always ask the students to participate in problem formulation and solution finding.

I wish the best for all our students, and the members of the institution who reiterate their aims at providing the best in academic and extra-curricular fields. I wish that our students will come forward to learn, go forth to serve and excel into the world with great strength, not only to do job but to remain responsible human beings.

“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions and it should be full of ideas instead of stuffed with facts.”

I welcome the aspiring engineers in choosing this institute so as to fulfill their dream to attain heights of glory and wish them all the best in their career.

Prof.(Dr.) R C Prasad

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