MCE Motihari has two boy’s hostels and one girl’s hostel. All the hostels are very close to the academic complex. Presently over 500 students are residing in these hostels. There are two separate Boy’s hostels one for 2nd year and second For 3rd year & Final year. Every Hostel has approximately 300 rooms. There are also single seated rooms are available which are normally allocated to final year and pre-final year boarders. Multi-seated accommodation constitute 2-seated & 3-Seated rooms which are allotted to the students of 1st & 2nd year. There is a lush of greenery around the hostels. In addition to the adequate health care facilities. The hostels are equipped with Football, Basketball, badminton, chess, carrom and table tennis facilities. The Boys’ hostel campus has a basketball court, a volleyball court, and badminton court. A football-cum-cricket ground will also be available.There are three students’ mess one in girl’s hostel and another two are in boy’s hostel and there is also one canteen in the hostel-campus.

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