Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering department is one of the oldest and leading departments of MCE Motihari. It has well equipped laboratories and highly qualified and experienced faculties. The department plays an important role on the academic development of the institute.

Apart from academics, the students are also trained in various fields of mechanical engineering by hands on experience in workshops. With well equipped laboratories and guides, students get to know the real situation of industries, learn the working principles of various types of machines and equipment and do troubleshooting.

Students are encouraged to do research and develop models in field of mechanical engineering. They are trained in machine design, working of I.C. engines, Thermodynamics, etc. though practical models.

Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the application of principles of Physics for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers use the principles of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics and energy in the design and analysis of automobiles, aircraft, heating and cooling systems, manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, medical devices and more.

Mechanical engineering is one of the core engineering branches on which the pillars of all small/large industry stands. So, a mechanical engineer can get jobs in the Maintenance, Designing, Operational, R&D and Management departments of an industry. After Graduation or Post-Graduation completion, candidates are likely to be recruited in Automobile Industry, Cement Industry, Steel Industry, Power industry, Manufacturing plants, Drilling Industry and Mining Industry.


M1. To develop the mechanical engineer to peruse mechanical engineering professional for socio and economic development of nation.
M2. To provide quality education and to bridge the gap between industry and academia.
M3. By using their engineering knowledge to become a responsible citizen for the development of society.

Program Educational Objectives of Mechanical Engineering Department (PEOs) (5)

PEO1. Students will be able to demonstrate mechanical engineering knowledge and skills to solve complex engineering problems.
PEO2. He will demonstrate the responsibility of good citizen while practicing mechanical profession through ethics.
PEO3. Students will exhibit lifelong learning skills to acquire higher degree.
PEO4. Students will execute engineering skills while serving in various engineering positions.


To facilitate transformation of students into good mechanical engineers, responsible citizens and competent professionals for socio economic development of state and nation.

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